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Forget Resolutions- Pick a Focus.

The start of the new year looks the same for me as it does for most people- following the void of time that is the week between Christmas and New Years, I'm in hyper-productive goal-setting mode working on all of the projects I want to accomplish for the upcoming year. So far, I'd say I've been successful at filling up my calendar with to-do's.

However, I did take some time to step back and really focus on what I want for myself in this upcoming year. Some of you might laugh at the New Years resolution bit (guilty), but I instead chose a "focus word" to help me goal set for the New Year at the suggestion of a co-worker and close friend. I've seen other people's words and ideas float through my social channels- kindness, joy, and strength being some of the most popular. Those are great and all, but for me, they just didn't fit the mold for what I want to achieve this upcoming year.

I looked around my home office- a folding chair parked next to my dresser that's barely wide enough for me to fit both my laptop and desktop, my potted plants hanging everywhere, and bed because I literally work out of my bedroom when I'm not at school- and it hit me. BOLD.

This year, I want to be bold. 2021 was undoubtedly one of the hardest years of my life- full of loss, heartache, stress, and chaos. But it was also full of joy, ambition, love, and success. The good stuff in 2021 didn't come from me sticking to the same-old, but stepping outside of my comfort zone and trying something new- being confident enough to start my own business and build it from my bedroom.

To pay homage to my ambition and drive in 2021, I'm choosing to be bold this year. Living life on my own terms, taking on new challenges and adventures, and being the person that I want to be. My goals for 2021 that match that desire to be bold are pretty simple:

  1. Build my business. I'm starting out strong by traveling to Colorado this month to picture livestock. Beyond that, I'm leaving the door open to any and all opportunity that comes my way- including traveling halfway across the country.

  2. Take up a new hobby. I love to work- so much so that my hobbies often become side-hustles (i.e. this entire OSC endeavor). For this year, I'm going to pick up a hobby that is purely for fun for once!

  3. Focus on myself. Everyone could use a little more self-love in their life. For me, that means taking time to enjoy the things I love, spend time with the people I care about most, and savor all 365 chances to enjoy being young this year.

There you have it- your cheesy New Years Resolution post. And here's to hoping that we can keep some of them. Regardless if we keep them, break them, change them- at least we made them. Here's to 2022, and thank you for all the love this year.

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